Group Dynamics

Group dynamics are the influential actions, processes, and changes that take place in groups. Much of the world’s work is accomplished by people working with others in groups, and the processes that take place within these groups—the continual vying for social status, the given-and-take collaboration between members, the pressure of the group on the atypical individual, and the eruption of conflict and discord that can shatter the group—significantly shape members’ experiences as well as their accomplishments. It was the eminent social scientist Kurt Lewin (1951) who used the term group dynamics to describe the powerful and complex social processes that emerge in groups.


Group Dynamics Resources Page:  I maintain a set of links, resources for teaching, and powerpoint slides that support the text Group Dynamics.  Also, I keep some sketchy notes and ideas in the form of a blog at this website.

Group Dynamics, 6th edition
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